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Emilia Giuliani

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Emilia Giuliani

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Emilia Giuliani (1813-1850) was the daughter of the famous guitarist and composer Mauro Giuliani. In the 200th anniversary year of her birth we present a complete biography in English and Italian along with all her known published compositions. She made her performing debut with her father at age 15 and began publishing 6 years later. 

(By Nicoletta Confalone and Robert Coldwell, 106 pages)

(NOTE: Release 4 was made available on 26 May 2014. This includes some text spelling fixes.)



Nicoletta Confalone
Nicoletta Confalone completed her musical studies at the Conservatorio Francesco Venezze in Rovigo, where shegraduated in Guitar with Francesco Biraghi. She later studied with Oscar Ghiglia, Ruggero Chiesa and Stefano Grondona.She graduated cum laude with both a degree in Law at Ferrara University and a degree in Musicology at Ca’ Foscari Universityin Venice, under the guidance of Giovanni Morelli. She published an essay on Schubert and the guitar in Acoustical Arts andArtifacts, Technology, Aesthetics, Communication 7/2010, the musical review of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. Shealso collaborates with Il Fronimo which published her research about Emilia Giuliani in 2012, and with the online magazine www.artinitaly.it.



  • Foreword
  • Portrait
  • English Introduction
  • Introduzione in Italiano
  • Chronology
  • Catalog
  • Bibliography
  • Music
    • Op. 1, Variations (“L’amo, ah! l’amo” I Capuleti e Montecchi – Bellini)
    • Op. 2, Belliniana No. 1
    • Op. 3, Variations (“Ah perchè non posso odiarti” La Sonnambula – Bellini)
    • Op. 4, Belliniana No. 2
    • Op. 5, Variations (“Non più mesta” La Cenerentola – Rossini)
    • Op. 6, Belliniana No. 3
    • Op. 7, Belliniana No. 4
    • Op. 8, Belliniana No. 5
    • Op. 9, Variations (Theme of Mercadante)
    • Op. 11, Belliniana No. 6
    • Op. 46, Six Preludes

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