In Search of Sagrini (hardcover)

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In Search of Sagrini (hardcover)

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Product Information

In Search of Sagrini  is a complete biography of the 19th century guitarist Luigi Perret Sagrini. It is the result of research over many years by both authors to uncover the life story of a guitarist who was famous in his time, but mostly forgotten after his death.

Luigi Sagrini was a child prodigy on guitar who first performed at the age of eight years old in 1817. In Paris when he was sixteen years old he performed in concert with Liszt and published his first seven opus numbers for guitar. His opus 4 was dedicated to Luigi Legnani, and Legnani in turn dedicated his opus 9 and opus 32 to Sagrini. After arriving in London in 1829 he continued publishing and performing for many years. Due to declining health he stopped performing and devoted his time to teaching and publishing songs with guitar accompaniment. It was perhaps due to his inability to continue performing and publishing that he was forgotten in the 20th century.

A guitar owned by Bernard Lewis with unique connections to Luigi Sagrini is documented. Sagrini's concert and publishing activities from the age of eight to his death in 1874 are documented with original newspaper articles and concert programs. Included is a list of 105 of his known concerts in France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and England. A music catalog lists all his known works for solo guitar, duo guitar, guitar/piano and songs accompanied by guitar, with title pages for all located copies. A complete family history is included from his grandparents to brothers and children. Sagrini's brothers also debuted on stage at a young age on the guitar and piano.

See The Music of Luigi Sagrini for all located editions for solo guitar, duo guitar and guitar/piano.

(Bernard Lewis and Robert Coldwell, hardcover, full color, A4, 336 pages)



  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Guitare à la Sagrini en 1825
  • Chapter 1 – The Sagrini Family
  • Chapter 2 – First Concerts
  • Chapter 3 – England
  • Chapter 4 – Lausanne
  • Chapter 5 – West Country
  • Chapter 6 – Return to London
  • Chapter 7 – Back to Bristol and Bath
  • Chapter 8 – Italo Augusto Sagrini
  • Chapter 9 – Huerta
  • Chapter 10 – Reduced Concert Activity
  • Chapter 11 – Marriage, Children, Teaching
  • Chapter 12 – Publio Scipion Sagrini
  • Chapter 13 – Clairac
  • Chapter 14 – The Great Will Case
  • Chapter 15 – The Death of Luigi Sagrini
  • Appendix
    • Concerts
    • Works Performed by Luigi Sagrini
    • Music
    • Residences and Venues
    • Guitar Dictionaries
    • Census Reports
    • Family Records
    • Artists
  • Index
Product CodeDGA-304 (hardcover)
Product TypePrint Edition

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