M. A. Zani de Ferranti: Transcriptions favorites & Fragments mélodiques

M. A. Zani de Ferranti: Transcriptions favorites & Fragments mélodiques

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The twenty-four compositions presented in this edition include both transcriptions and originals. The source is a  set of manuscripts owned by descendants of M. A. Zani de Ferranti. The compositions in these manuscripts were possibly gathered by M. A. Zani de Ferranti towards the end of his life with plans for publication. They provide a broad view of his composition style from the 1820s to the 1860s, with some pieces taken from his early publications and some apparently never published. The full set of manuscripts with annotations are provided along with new engravings.

(Robert Coldwell, softcover, black and white, A4, 132 pages)

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  • M. A. Zani de Ferranti
  • Transcriptions favorites & Fragments mélodiques
  • Transcriptions favorites
    • No. 1 La Sérénade, Schubert
    • No. 2 Sombre Forêt, Rossini
    • No. 3 La Favorite, Donizetti
    • No. 4 Andante, Beethoven
    • No. 5 Le Moine, Meyerbeer
    • No. 6 Thekla, Schubert
    • No. 7 El pañuelo de mi majo, A. Rius
  • Fragments mélodiques
    • No. 8 Souvenir de Tancredi, Rossini
    • No. 9 Souvenir allemand
    • No. 10 Celui qui sut toucher mon coeur, S. Gail
    • No. 11 Air national hollandaise
    • No. 12 Andante pour Violon, A. Rolla
    • No. 14 Assisa a piè d’un salice, Rossini
    • No. 15 Souvenir de Preziosa, Weber
    • No. 16 Mélodie anglaise
    • No. 17 Nocturne original
    • No. 18 La jeune Batelière, F. Masini
    • No. 19 La Tyrolienne
    • No. 26 Ménuet de Don Giovanni, Mozart
    • No. 27 O matutini albori, Rossini
    • No. 28 Pensée originale
    • No. 29 Romance de F. Masini
    • No. 30 Mélodie originale
    • No. 31 O cara memorie, Caraffa
  • Transcriptions favorites manuscript facsimile
  • Fragments mélodiques manuscript facsimile
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